Date Archives October 2001

Visual identity for

The brief for this project was to create a visual identity for, an online arts organization that can exist on- and off-line.


Using statistical information about the five major areas of the organization’s website, an asymetrical pentagon was algorithmically rendered. The resulting logo is updated every hour on the masthead of the website. The shape reflects current traffic and number of new artworks uploaded to those five areas of the site at that given time.


One of the final logo versions.


To reflect the ever-changing nature of the web-site, a series of eighteen stickers, twenty four logo variations, and eighteen color selections were created for the print identity. The stationery materials include eighteen stickers that can be used on white stationery and business cards. Each person has the freedom to choose his/her favorite sticker color and shape and apply them however they want on stationery.

A sheet of stickers with different logo variations. The stickers were then applied to stationary materials.


The business cards were available in different colors, with different shape and color variations.

On the back of the business card, an abstract explanation of the changing-shape of the logo was explained.