Infographics posters

The brief for these posters was: to make (1) a student recruitment poster for AIGA (back then called the American Institute of Graphic Arts, now the Professional Association for Design) and (2) an intern recruitment poster for the Walker Art Center’s Design Department.
The Results:

1) AIGA Student recruitment poster. Using the copy provided by AIGA, graphic explanations were made using charts, graphs, and maps that expand upon the meaning of every sentence in the poster, providing more information about the graphic design profession on different levels, i.e. student life, cost comparisons, stages of the design profession, salaries through a designer’s career, and types of design occupations.


2) Design Internship poster. Two of the many questions intern candidates have about the Walker are: What does the Walker look like?, and what do design interns work on? The upper half of the poster represents all the public and private spaces of the museum. The photographs are arranged by floors, following the building’s elevation. The lower half of the poster graphically
represents the number of projects interns work on throughout the year. The projects are arranged chronologically, representing their duration and time-frame in relation to the entire internship.

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