Foot-powered water pumps

It is estimated that four billion people around the world live on less than $ 3 a day at the so-called base of the economic pyramid. One of the most successful designs that has helped millions of families out of poverty is the pedal-based water pump that was first released by non-profit organizations such as International Development Enterprises (IDE) and Kickstart in 1980s.

This machine uses the weight and strength of a person to pump water from a well up to 7 meters deep and irrigate up to one acre of agricultural land. The cost of this product is around $ 25 dollars but is considered an investment since a family can double its income in a year.

With products like this, Paul Polak, one of the founders of IDE, has helped about 3.5 million families escape poverty and hope to help about 30 million families by 2020.

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