Super MoneyMaker by Kickstart

In several African countries, poverty is experienced in agricultural fields where families subsist on what a small farm can provide. In the late 1990s, Martin Fisher and Nick Moon, from Kickstart, discovered that one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty is to help these families increase their production, thus shifting from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture that could generate income.

They developed a pedal water pumpĀ called MoneyMaker Irrigation Pump, a two-cylinder pressurized pedal pump that pumps water from a river, or lake, up to seven meters deep. It allows farmers to irrigate up to two acres of surface. The advantage of this product is that it can increase the production of a family by up to 400% allowing them to grow a variety of products even in the dry season when crop prices rise.

This product was thought of around a business model with people and users at its core. Interested buyers areĀ advised on ways to manufacture these pumps and sell them in their community, thus generating a new market in the local economy.

Kickstart estimates that with its products they have helped 533,700 people out of poverty and currently generate eight hundred businesses a month using their products. The selling price of Super MoneyMaker ranges from $ 35 to $ 95 depending on the location, since its inception in Nairobi, Kenya, Kickstart now operates in Mali and Tanzania.

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