What if Greenland was Africa´s Water Fountain?

Brief: Design a new vision for Greenland based on the challenge that it is melting.

Result: When I was at Work Worth Doing, our studio was asked by Bruce Mau Design to help create one of seven pragmatic utopias for Denmark. The client was the Danish Architecture Center. My role was to help design the system, research the feasibility of the proposal, and design the exhibition in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design.

Our project required us to articulate a new vision for Greenland (a self-governing province of Denmark that is seeking independence).
Our utopia, ‘What if Greenland was Africa’s Water Fountain,’ presented two possibilities for the island: 1) to capitalize on the melting of its icebergs and profit from the sale of the world’s purest bottled water; and 2) to capture Greenland’s meltwater and ship it to water-stressed countries in western Africa.
This system design was presented in three simultaneous exhibitions called ‘Too Perfect: Seven New Denmarks’, in Toronto, Copenhagen, and Venice. An accompanying exhibition catalogue also captured these proposals.

Here are some images of the exhibition.

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