Great examples of design on non-profit websites


Design and visual communication can be a great tool for organizations to raise awareness of the causes they support. 

Here are some great examples of websites that use design to engage visitors through various strategies: online community building, accessibility, storytelling, and by using visually-impactful assets like infographics. 

We Don’t Have Time

Online community building

We Don’t Have Time is an online community of supporters of climate-positive action. Visitors are encourage to participate by sharing climate-related news, rank organizations, or engage in live events and broadcasts around the world.

Not Impossible Labs


Not Impossible Labs is a design and innovation lab dedicated to solving often overlooked problems for people with disabilities or communities experiencing pressing health or humanitarian issues. Their design solutions often scale from one-person solutions to wider circles engaging partnering organizations. Their website embeds various accessibility features, including the option to increase font-size, change contrast, or disabling interactive features.

Venezuela Refugee Crisis


A storytelling website that captures people’s attention through its use of imagery, interactive charts, and maps to explain the magnitude of the humanitarian and refugee crisis in this South American country and its impact in neighboring countries.  The website is created by Chartipedia using Vev.

WWF’s Impact on Tiger Recovery


This annual report created by World Wildlife Fund’s program on tiger protection makes an extensive use of visual assets to engage readers: photographs, videos, maps, illustrations and infographics. The report was created using Yearly, a tool to create digital annual reports.